Martha’s Vineyard Summer 2021

I have been thinking about this blog post for a long time now. I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming and I didn’t have a clue what to do about it. What was I going to say? Almost every single post so far has touched on a Martha’s Vineyard experience that was fresh in my mind and heart. I would sit down with a drink placed on the table a relatively safe distance from my lap top and recount a recent sailing adventure, an incredible lobster roll, or a hike on Menemsha Hills. Sometimes, I would write about the history of a particular lighthouse, agonizing over which of the five was my favourite and why. I’d let you all in on my favourite spots to watch the sunrise and the sunset, which beaches held the most memories for me, and why I had worked them all into my Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries. Whatever I wrote about, each story would paint a smile across my face with broad strokes until, at the end, I was coloured with a mural of happiness that stretched from ear to ear. I hope with all my heart that my articles did the same for you. This past year has been very different.

Great Rock Bight is beautiful all year long.

Martha’s Vineyard March 2020

Last year, having missed Christmas In Edgartown 2019, I decided to jump on a plane and head to the Vineyard for a short five day trip in March. There were a lot of rational reasons why I shouldn’t go but I couldn’t help it—I had to. I knew if I didn’t, I would never forgive myself. I had no idea just how right I was. I couldn’t have had a better time. My trip started with dinner at my friend Lisa’s house with my friends Laurel Redington of MVY Radio and Captain Kurt Peterson of Catboat Charters! The four of us ate a lot, talked a lot, and laughed a lot. That evening was exactly what I had needed. Even if I left to go home right after dinner, I would have been grateful that I went, but I didn’t go home.

Marthas Vineyard Friends

Amity, as you know, means friendship!

The next day, Kurt and I ate breakfast at Art Cliff Diner and then toured around Cape Cod. Kurt showed me places I had never seen before. I don’t drive and I’m always so quick to get to the island that Peter Pan Bus Lines usually takes me from Logan to Woods Hole and that’s it. The weather was perfect. I love a car ride and I could have driven the coast, watching the waves crash against the beach, all day.


Lunch at The British Beer Company!

We had dinner with Kurt’s family—a family I love like my own—and I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun eating ice cream in my life! Ice cream was not new to me—obviously—but I have been eating it wrong for the last fifty years. Different flavours were passed around the table from person to person, each sampling every cold, sweet morsel. A spoonful of birthday cake ice cream, a spoonful of chocolate, a smattering of chocolate mint—there was another brand of birthday cake ice cream? A better one?—cookie dough, oh yes, gotta have the cookie dough. What’s this? Vanilla? Oh sure, why not. Just like the night before, I talked and laughed so much. I also learned a valuable lesson: if friends and family are the cake of life and the Cape and Islands are the cherry, don’t forget the ice cream.

Cape Cod Sunset

The Cape and Islands are the best!

After a couple of days filled with Chappaquiddick, hiking Great Rock Bight, and general shenanigans that only great friends can get up to, I went home and just as I stepped back onto Canadian soil, they slammed the Canada/USA border shut. It’s still shut.

No Edgartown, No Oak Bluffs, No Nuthin’

A couple of weeks after they closed the border, Canada shut down completely. I mean completely. No one left their house except for groceries. The highways were empty, toilet paper became worth its weight in gold (I’m still not sure exactly why) and at 7:00pm everyone was banging their pots on their balconies in support of essential workers. In other words, things were weird—really weird. Nothing this weird could last right? Then gyms closed, including condo gyms, and for the most part, I was out of a job. I applied for grocery in a local grocery store and I got it. Minimum wage but it was money coming in. It would keep a roof over my head if nothing else and I figured, as did my bosses, that this would all blow over by summer and I would be back in action and planning my usual June trip to Martha’s Vineyard for The Best Of The Vineyard. That didn’t work out. So July then…Okay August? September? It’s been thirteen months since I have been on Martha’s Vineyard soil. I haven’t waded out into the waters of Edgartown Harbor to get a better shot of Tigress, I haven’t had a Dirty Banana at Nancy’s Restaurant, or walked the beaches in Aquinnah. Most of all, I haven’t seen my friends. I miss my friends…a lot. One very special friend, I will never see again. We all lost Kathy O’Sullivan this past winter and that’s a hole that will never be filled. So much loss.

Kathy O’Sullivan, you are missed.

There have been catastrophic losses over the past year. It is not lost on me just how lucky I am. My heart goes out to every individual who has lost a loved one or been otherwise affected by the pandemic. I hope this is the worst global tragedy that we have to endure in our lifetime. Nothing can and will change what is past. All any of us can do is look forward and that’s exactly why I am here. I’m looking forward and there is a lot to look forward to…

Martha’s Vineyard Summer 2021

Vaccines are being rolled out at a fantastic rate in the United States. The government’s vaccine plan has been nothing short of astonishing. My own country is not doing as well but we didn’t make our own vaccine so we were a little slower on the uptake. Having said that, we are picking up speed and more and more people are being vaccinated at a faster rate every day. There has been talk between Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden about opening the border between our two countries as early as July 1st. If I could hold my breath that long, I’d be doing it. That’s not that far away, is it? A week in July, a week in August, and a week in September—that’s my plan!

Book my ferry! I’ll be back!

There are a lot of goings-on in august on Martha’s Vineyard that I have yet to experience! Did you know that I have never been to the Agricultural Fair? I’ve never been to Illumination Night either! No really! These are just a couple of the things I am looking forward to this season. These thoughts keep me going when I struggle with not seeing my friends and not being a part of my island home.

The view from Tigress’s cockpit is probably my favourite view of all!

I miss doing things that I have done hundreds of times already. I miss eating a Loretta breakfast at The Black Dog; I miss being in the cockpit of Catboat Charters’ Tigress and feeling the wind rippling over my Vineyard Vines polo. I miss the rumble of the Chappy Ferry‘s engine. I miss… I miss… The longer I am away, the less I can feel her salt water coursing through my veins and the sweetness of her wild roses in my nostrils. My brain keeps telling my heart that I will be back and that I’ll be back soon. That keeps me going. I can still hear the sound of a sail being hoisted and my mouth still waters with the tang of a lobster roll. Everyday, I get closer and closer to my spiritual home. It helps to remind myself that no matter what happens, the waves are crashing at the base of the Aquinnah Cliffs. Of course they are. Hey, it’s the Vineyard!



  1. I long for a summer day up north, as you long for the Vineyard. I hope our dreams come true very soon ❤

  2. So Excited to have you back this summer! You are going to LOVE the Ag Fair! Have you ever been to First Fridays in VH at Owen Park?

    1. I can’t wait to be back! I don’t think I’ve been to ‘First Fridays’. What is it? I love Owen Park.

  3. My husband and I love the Vineyard. We consider it our second home since we spent 3 weeks in May and 1 week in September. And so I just love when you said it’s your “spiritual home”. From now on it’s ours too. Thank you.

    1. That’s wonderful! Thank you so much. I love sharing a passion for the island. If you see me on-island, give me a wave and a holler! In the meantime, stay safe, healthy, and happy!

  4. Terrific writing and such true comments about what the island offers.stay with us at The 1720 House a BNB in vineyard Haven and we will give us a special island tour.

  5. Booked our family vacation!! Been going to the Vineyard for 20 plus years very lucky to have a friend who owns a home there. Because of his generosity my kids had wonderful summer experience’s. We now get to experience with our Grandchildren.
    So many wonderful stories .

  6. I love the Vineyard. I have been going since I was 3 months old. Every summer for a month and every Thanksgiving for about a week. I hope you get to see and experience some of the things you mentioned!

    1. I have been going to Martha’s Vineyard since I was seven. Being away for the last sixteen months has been very difficult indeed. I’ll be back this summer for sure! Thank you so much for your comments!!

  7. My entire family, which is quite big always spends Fourth of July week on the Vineyard. My sister lives there and that week is always when all her siblings and their families and their families all meet at her house. We were able to do it last year and by the time this year arrives we will all have been vaccinated. Last year there were 19 people all in the same house but we all social distanced and masked and used a huge amount of sanitizer and luckily not one of us got sick! Already made my ferry reservation and the countdown is on. My brother and his wife were just there. Teachers and it’s spring break. Can’t wait for the fireworks and some fun family time! As far as Illumination, you have to see it! It is beautiful and so much fun!

  8. We had a house near South beach many tears’s ago. My son’s got married there over 20?years ago. I miss it sooo much.. We have had a boat ever since but I still miss the Island

    1. It’s hard to be away from Martha’s Vineyard once it has ahold of your soul. You’ll get back. I’m sure of it.

  9. I too love the vineyard going for many years.have not been there in awhile miss the great times of biking,and walking the streets of Edgartown and so much more.You will get back sooon!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I hope we both get back soon. If you see me, be sure to say, “Hello!”.

  10. I have memories as a child, and always want to spend more time there nkw that I have my own children. I remember the swimmers near the ferry singin “How bout a coin” wish i knew a family to rent from.😃

    1. There are so many great rentals on-island. The less expensive places are toward the centre of the island away from the beach but they are still beautiful and woodsy. You should definitely look into it. There are Facebook pages for people looking for lodging on Martha’s Vineyard and of course there are real estate agents on-island that deal in that sort of thing too. Failing that, there is always Air BnB and the like. Have a great day! Thank you for commenting!

  11. Hi, enjoyed your stories. My dad was the Cliff part of the Art cliff Diner. The Vineyard is definitely a special place. I always treasure my time there.

    1. Wow! That’s so cool! What a wonderful legacy for your family. Thank you so much for your feedback. The island is a very special place indeed. If you ever pick up one of my Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries, please let me know! Have a great day!

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